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Ref: 220

18GB HP Netserver SCSI Hard Disk Drive PN- D7175A, 10k rpm

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Price: 72.00 (60.00 excluding VAT at 20%)

Product Description

18GB SCSI Disk for use in Newer HP / Compaq Proliant / Blade Servers. This is a 10,000 rpm hot swap workstation drive and comes with a 4MB cache. For use in Models such as ...HP Netservers E800, LC 2000/2000r, LPr, LH 3/3r, LH 3000/3000r , LH 4/4r, LH 6000/6000r, LT 6000r, LXr 8000, LXr 8500, RS/12, RS/12FC.


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