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Ref: 721

300Gb 50pin SCSI Disk Drive Kit including adaptor

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Price: 234.00 (195.00 excluding VAT at 20%)

Product Description

300GB 50PIN SCSI Disk Drive Kit....Replace all your old unreliable 50pin Disk Drives with our Brand New High Reliability 50pin Hard Disk Drive Kit. Available in 18gb , 36gb 73gb , 146gb and 300Gb versions. These drives are 68pin ultra wide with 50pin adaptors.We can format the disk NTFS,FAT 32 or Low Level Factory format. Can be used in ANY SYSTEM that uses a 50pin interface , External models also available , call for more details. New with 2 year warranty. Tel 01604 780633 / mail@scsishop.co.uk or Order on-line now.

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