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Ref: 373

IBM 90P1313 - 73.4GB 2.5" U320 SCSI Disk - For eServer / xSeries

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Price: 202.80 (169.00 excluding VAT at 20%)

Product Description

The IBM Ultra320 SCSI 73.4GB hard drive is an internal storage solution with 10,000 RPMs that is compatible with the eServer xSeries and IntelliStation. Improved diagnostics and data protection reduce downtime and you can create high-performance RAID arrays by connecting your drives to either an onboard Ultra320 SCSI controller with integrated mirroring capabilities or an IBM ServeRAID-5i Controller. This item is a discontinued part.....Brand New Item in stock with 2 year warranty. Please call or email for more details...01604 780633 - info@scsishop.co.uk


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